New installation - Self-service car wash CarBax Nové Zámky, Slovakia

Introducing our newest installation of self-service CarBax car wash located in Nové Zámky, Slovakia. With 8 self-service bays and large selection of wash programs.

Nová inštalácia - Umývacie centrum CarBax Nové Zámky
Self-service car wash CarBax Nové Zámky

Introducing self-service car wash CarBax Nové Zámky with 8 wash bays

Self-service car wash center CarBax Nové Zámky is ready to offer high quality services on large premises with 8 wash bays. Thanks to innovative technology CarBax Combo with selection from 6 wash programs and 3 different detergents. In selected wash bays (2-5) is available a special underchassis wash program.

All wash bays are equipped with traffic light system, indicating availability of each wash bay. It helps better flow of traffic and more effective use of bays.

CarBax car wash centers with their unique and colorful design are easy to see and are attractive to the customers.

Every bays is equipped with traffic light indicating availability of the wash bay for better traffic management and more effective use of bays


Self-service car wash bays are also equipped with POS terminal for contactless and cashless payment for washing and also with CarBaxCard loyalty cards system. Loyalty cards can be purchased and recharged directly in the banknote changer CarBaxChange.

The interior cleaning is provided with two high power dual self-service vacuums CarBaxVac DUO, creating 4 bays for vacuuming the vehicle. Vacuums are also equipped with loyalty cards system, so it is possible to pay for washing in bays and also vacuuming with one card for more customer convenience.

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