Introducing the banknote changer CarBaxChange

Introducing our brand new product, a great addition to any car wash, the banknote changer CarBaxChange.

Predstavujeme meničku bankoviek CarBaxChange
Menička bankoviek CarBaxChange môže byť vybavená plnofarebným LCD displejom a nerezovými tlačidlami pre rýchlu a pohodlnú navigáciu v menu

We have transferred many years of our experiences into a freshly new product, which in a compact stainless steel design provides numerous functions for your customers. The banknote changer CarBaxChange is not just an ordinary banknote changer. In addition to changing banknotes into coins, it can also sell CarBaxCard loyalty cards and top up them up with a credit. This can be all realized in cash or with a payment card via a POS terminal. After the purchase, your customer receives a receipt of payment. Every step of the way, you are guided by a full-color LCD display with easy and quick menu navigation.

Sale of CarBaxCard loyalty cards

The CarBaxCard loyalty system represents a cashless payment system with topped-up credit. These cards can be used as a form of payment for the use of any CarBax device that is equipped with this system. The main advantage is increased comfort for the customer, who does not have to deal with cash. These cards can be purchased directly through the CarBaxChange banknote changer.

Top-up of the credit to CarBaxCard loyalty cards

In addition to selling loyalty cards, the CarBaxChange device enables loyalty cards to be topped up with credit. Using the full-color display, the customer chooses the amount of credit he/she wishes to purchase and tops up the card with the selected amount. Payment can be done in cash (banknotes and coins) or payment cards via POS terminal, which accepts all payment cards including VISA and MasterCard, as well as payments by mobile devices via Apple or Google Pay.

Another advantage that the CarBaxChange provides is the possibility of setting any "bonus credit" for your customers, which is applied based on the amount he/she purchases.

Changing banknotes and coins 

The CarBaxChange banknote changer can change up to three different denominations of banknotes into two denominations of coins. It can also change coins (e.g. €1 and €2) to a smaller amount of coins (€0.50 and €1)

Read more information on the product page of the CarBaxChange.

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