New installation - Self-service car wash Vion Banská Štiavnica

You can already find a self-service car wash with CarBax technology in the city of Banská Štiavnica. Vion car wash center provides high-quality car wash in 4 self-service bays.

Nová inštalácia - Samoobslužná autoumyvárka Vion Banská Štiavnica

Washing a vehicle at the Vion Banská Štiavnica car wash with CarBax technology is very simple and intuitive.

A detailed user manual is available in each wash box, which contains a complete procedure on how to wash the car as efficiently as possible in self-service wash bays with thick active foam and strong high pressure with warm water.

In wash bay n. 2, an under-chassis wash program is available, which is suitable for washing hard-to-reach parts of the chassis from salt and road dirt. 


Each self-service washing bay is additionally equipped with a robust stainless steel frame with high-quality stainless steel CarBax MatHolders for the comfortable washing of mats directly in the washing bay.

The CarBaxVac DUO, a high-performance self-service vacuum cleaner together with a robust mat beater are also available in the car wash area.

In the car wash, you may pay with coins worth €0.50, €1, or €2 or with a Vion loyalty card.

For even better comfort for customers, a banknote changer is also available, which changes €5, €10, and €20 banknotes into coins.

Read more information about the ViOn Banská Štiavnica car wash.


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