CarBax Combo
CarBax Combo Technology for self-service car wash bays (3 - 8 bays)

CarBax Combo

Technology for self-service car wash bays (3 - 8 bays)

The technology for CarBaxCombo self-service washing bays is a so-called system on the frame and thus the whole technology for all wash bays is placed on one compact stainless steel frame. Such design allows a significant saving of space in the technical room, especially in larger car wash centers with a higher number of bays.

The CarBaxCombo device is suitable for all car wash centers with a technical room with 3 - 8 wash bays and can be equipped with up to 8 washing programs, including underchassis washing.

For 3 to 8 washing bays

High pressure car wash pump

Wide range of payment systems

Detailed statistics overview

Remote access via the Internet

Email notifications


Wide range of washing programs

choice of up to 8 washing programs

CarBax Combo self-service car wash bays can be equipped with a wide range of washing programs that your customers will appreciate. We offer a choice of up to 8 washing programs from basic washing programs to special programs. The programs are arranged chronologically, in the order in which the best washing effect can be achieved.

See list of wash programs

Underchassis wash

CarBax Combo self-service car wash bays can be equipped with a underchassis washing program. In self-serve bays this is undoubtedly a unique washing program that offers added value for the entire car wash center.

Robust construction

The entire CarBaxCombo device is mounted on a robust stainless steel frame with height-adjustable legs.

High pressure car wash pump

Pump with three ceramic pistons and nickel-plated brass head resistant to chemicals with a maximum flow of 12.5 l / min and a pressure of 200 bar in the working set with a maximum flow of 12.5 l / min and a working pressure of 100 bar for ensuring its long life and operational reliability. At the same time, the pump motors are controlled by frequency converters, which ensures automatic speed adjustment to the currently selected washing program. This ensures optimal consumption of water, electricity, and chemistry.

Frost protection system

The CarBaxVario device includes a two-module anti-frost protection system. The frost protection system is based on two media - air and water. The air is suitable for shutting down individual washing bays for a longer period of time. Water is used as permanent frost protection, either in a closed-loop or in an open system. CarBax car wash centers are therefore ready for operation at temperatures down to -35 ° C.

Control panel

The control panel frame is made of solid stainless steel to achieve high security. The control panel can be equipped with payment systems such as electronic coin accpetor, CarBaxCard loyalty cards, or a POS payment terminal. The panel also includes a full-color 4.3 ”LCD display for displaying the remaining credit, the ongoing washing program, and, if applicable, a message for customers about the maintenance of the washing bay.

Detailed statistics overview

Clear display of sales, worked hours of equipment, and number of washed vehicles.

Effective car traffic management

CarBax Combo wash bays can be equipped with traffic light system, placed on visible spot, which indicates availability of every bay. This system ensures better car traffic management and bay usage in the car wash center.

Remote access via the Internet

After connecting the device to the Internet, it is possible to remotely configure the device from anywhere and view statistics via mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Payment systems

Coin acceptor

The electronic coin acceptor accepts up to 6 types of coins or tokens.

CarBaxCard loyalty cards

CarBaxCard cashless loyalty card system with which your customers can pay for washing in the car wash bay. CarBaxCards can be sold and recharged directly through the CarBaxChange banknote changer. In addition, the CarBaxCard system allows you to create a loyalty system in the form of discounts applied when recharging credit based on the amount charged to your CarBaxCard.

Payment POS terminal

Payment terminal for contactless payment for washing in the washing bays via VISA, MasterCard or mobile devices supporting Apple and Google Pay.


Advanced operating system for car wash centers

CarBaxOS is an advanced operating system that ensures the operation of all CarBax devices, their monitoring, and the evaluation of statistics. Thanks to the clarity and user-friendliness, navigating the system, adjusting settings, or displaying statistics is very simple.

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