Wash programs

The CarBax Combo and Vario self-service washing boxes can be equipped with a wide range of washing programs that your customers will appreciate. We offer a choice of up to 8 washing programs from basic washing programs to special programs. The programs are arranged chronologically, in the order in which the best washing effect can be achieved.

1. Underchassis Wash

The underchassis washing program in self-service washing bays is undoubtedly a unique washing program that offers high added value for the entire washing center. This program is automatic, which means that virtually no interaction is required during the program.

2. Rims and insects

This program is specifically designed for the application of a product designed to remove brake dust and other stubborn dirt from discs as well as flies and other insects on the front grille, windshield any other surface of the vehicle. This program operates under low pressure to ensure a high concentration of product.

3. Active foam

The main washing program, a thick active foam for touchless car washing, which perfectly covers the entire car and, thanks to the great washing effect, can also handle resistant dirt. Active foam is gentle to the vehicle's paintwork. If necessary, it is also possible to use a fine brush made of natural hair for heavily soiled areas. It is also possible to use hot water for the washing program.

4. Shampoo wash

Additional washing program designed for quickly lightly soiled vehicles or as a rinsing program after application of active foam. It is also possible to use hot water for the washing program.

5. High pressure wash

Basic washing program, high pressure generated by a high-performance pressure car wash pump. It is also possible to use hot water for the washing program.

6. Wax

An excellent additional program for vehicle care. This wax is a two-in-one solution because it provides a perfect gloss and significantly speeds up drying.

7. Superwax

An additional program in which a premium super wax with a preservative effect is applied. The wax also supplies the vehicle with so-called deep shine.

8. Final rinse with demineralized water

Demineralized (osmotic) water is used for the final rinsing of the vehicle after the application of wax, which does not leave any stains on the vehicle body after drying.