Introducing banknote changer CarBax BasicChange

Entry level banknote changer in compact design with in-wall installation, two dispensing hoppers, banknote reader with stacker and coin acceptor.

Predstavujeme meničku bankoviek CarBax BasicChange
Banknote changer CarBax BasicChange

Introducing new model of banknote changer designed for self-service car washes, parking lots, self-service laundromats and any places where banknote-to-coins exchange is necessary. The banknote changer CarBax BasicChange was introduced to the general public during Car Wash Show Europe 2023 in Amsterdam.

Versatility as a foundation

Banknote changer is an integral part of every self-service car wash. Due to its easy to use operation, copactness and functionality CarBax BasicChange is suitable for any self-service car wash regardless of size.

CarBax BasicChange banknote changer belongs to the Basic product line where functionality, design and lower entry costs are perfectly combined.

Wide range of features

 The basic functionality consists in exchanging banknotes into two types of coin (or tokens) thanks to two high-capacity hoppers. The banknote reader is equipped with stacker, the storage space for all accepted banknotes, which makes it easy to withdraw banknotes from the machines. A maximum of 3 types of banknotes are accepted. The banknote reader can be configured for any currency.


As part of additional accessories, the CarBax BasicChange can be equipped with a coin acceptor, which enables up to two types of coins to be exchanged into smaller denominations (e.g. 2 EUR to 1 EUR and 0,50 EUR).

Another accessory which can be equipped is an capacity expander for coin dispensing hoppers, which will increase the capacity of each hopper by an additional 800 coins.

Visually stunning

Thanks to the flat fron panel, the CarBax BasicChange banknote changer fits into any enviroment. It is visually impressive even at night and is easily visible even in low light conditions due to the light strip on the front panel and also colorfully illuminated coin tray.

Online connection

V Last but not least, it is necessary to mention the standard availability of a remote internet connection directly to the banknote changer. This comes in hand to display all of the machines detailed statistics of exchaning the banknotes as well as the possibility to configure or modify all available settings, all through an internet browser on any mobile device or computer.

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