New installation of self service car wash with 8 bays in Trnava, Slovakia

Introducing our newest installation of self-service car wash in Trnava, Slovakia equipped with CarBax Combo technology.

Nová inštalácia samoobslužnej autoumyvárky v Trnave
Samoobslužné umývacie centrum BAMBL vybavené 8 umývacimi boxami s technlógiou CarBax Combo

The self-service car wash center BAMBL in Trnava represents our next installation, and thanks to 8 wash bays and a wide range of self-service equipment, this car wash center is one of the largest in the region.

The main component of the wash center is the CarBax Combo technology for 8 self-service wash boxes, including underchassis wash, active foam and super wax program.

However, no car wash center would be complete without self-service equipment, and that is why in the BAMBL car wash center you will find up to 8 vacuuming stations with high-performance CarBaxVac DUO vacuum cleaners, CarBax FoamCleaner for upholstery and textile surface cleaning, CarBax Dispenser of 4 car care products and CarBax Towel Dispenser.

Completely new structure design

In addition to a variety of washing equipment, the car wash center also includes a completely new CarBax design for the structure of the wash bays. Including a upper panel, a 3D backlit logo and cladding of the legs of the structure, as well as a new design of traffic lights, which helps with more efficient traffic control and ensure an even occupancy of the wash bays.

Active foam - a perfect solution for quality car washing

The technology for self-service car wash bays CarBax Combo utilizes active foam as the main wash program, which is built on the quality basis of Car Star 40, and as a result, CarBax Combo technology creates a rich active foam that can easily cope with heavily soiled vehicles and leaves the washed surface perfectly clean . The advantages of active foam compared to more conventional methods of washing in self-service wash bays are countless, but the main ones include fast and economical washing, as CarBax active foam does not need hot water to achieve the maximum cleaning effect. Another important factor is the high speed of application of the active foam thanks to the innovative application solution that the CarBax Combo technology has.


Read more about our installation of the BAMBL washing center in Trnava.


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