Car wash center BAMBL with 8 wash bays belongs to the largest self-service car washes in the region.


City: Trnava
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2023

Self-service centre BAMBL in Trnava, offers high-quality vehicle washing with innovative technology CarBax Combo in 8 self-service bays with selection from 7 wash programs, including:

  1. Underchassis wash (available in bays n. 3, 4, 5 a 6)
  2. Rims and wheels
  3. Active foam with hot water
  4. Shampoo wash
  5. High pressure rinse
  6. Superwax
  7. Final rinse with demineralized water

In all bays is possible to pay with coins, loyalty card CarBaxCard, which can be bought and recharged with credit directly via banknote changer CarBaxChange

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