New installation of CarBax self-service car wash in Veľké Ripňany, Slovakia

We present the latest installation of the CarBax self-service car wash in Veľké Ripňany with 2 self-service wash bays.

Nová inštalácia samoobslužnej autoumyvárky CarBax vo Veľkých Ripňanoch

In the newly opened CarBax Veľké Ripňany self-service car wash, you can wash your car in 2 self-service wash bays with the possibility of choosing from 6 washing programs, including a program for cleaning wheels and insects, thick active foam, washing with shampoo, strong high pressure, waxing program, and a final rinse with osmosis.

CarBax Veľké Ripňany uses exclusively CarBax cleaning products, including premium thick active foam Car Star 40, active shampoo Car Star 50, high-efficiency disc and insect cleaner Wheel Star 30, and drying and polishing wax Wax Star 10.

Washing a vehicle at the CarBax Veľké Ripňany wash center is very fast, simple, intuitive, and effective. 


A detailed instruction manual is available in each wash bay, which provides complete instructions on how to achieve the most effective wash results in CarBax self-service wash bays with thick active foam and strong high pressure with warm water.

At CarBax Veľké Ripňany, customers can pay for a car wash with coins, and for even greater convenience, a banknote changer is available for exchanging €5, €10, and €20 banknotes into €1 and €0,50 coins. 


Like all CarBax self-service car washes, the CarBax Veľké Ripňany car wash is very easy to spot thanks to the bright yellow attic with the CarBax advertising light.


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