New CarBax car wash installation in Galanta, Slovakia

We present the new self-service car wash center CarBax Galanta - Kolónia with 3 self-service car wash bays.

Nová inštalácia samoobslužnej autoumyvárky CarBax v Galante

In the brand new opened self-service car wash center CarBax Galanta - Kolónia, you can wash your car with 7 washing programs, including under chassis wash, thick active foam, strong high-pressure wash with warm water, and also superwax.

The high quality of the cleaning is ensured by the CarBax technology in combination with premium cleaning detergents, including active foam CarBax Car Star 40, the cleaning detergent for rims and insects CarBax Wheel Star 30, the drying and polishing wax CarBax Wax Star 10, and the premium wax with strong conservative and deep gloss effect CarBax Wax Star 50.

The most unique program of this washing center is "Under chassis wash" which takes care of thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach parts of the vehicle chassis.


The automatic program "Under chassis wash", in which the set of nozzles placed in the stainless-steel frame under the vehicle, takes care of one of the most important parts of the vehicle which is due to hard-to-reach access often overlooked.  This washing program is available in wash bays no. 1 and 2.

In all wash bays, it is possible to pay with coins or a CarBaxCard loyalty card. In wash bay n. 1 it is also possible to pay with a payment card through a POS terminal.  


If you are interested in exchanging banknotes into coins, a banknote changer CarBax Change is available, which accepts banknotes with the value of €5, €10, and €20 and changes them into €0.50 and €1 coins. The banknote changer also offers the services of purchasing and topping up the CarBax loyalty card which can be done by cash or payment card. The loyalty card is further accepted as payment for washing in self-service wash bays as well as for vacuuming with a self-service vacuum cleaner CarbaxVac DUO. 

In the car wash center, you can also vacuum your car with a high-performance vacuum cleaner in one of the two vacuuming positions. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with spring hose arms, thanks to which the hose does not touches the ground, and the dirt and dust are not transferred into your vehicle.

The car wash center is easy to spot thanks to the CarBax advertising light and the bright yellow walls of the wash bays. 


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