New installation – Self-service car wash center CarBax Prešov, Slovakia

We present the new car wash centre CarBax Prešov with 6 wash bays and a wide range of wash programs, including unique under chassis wash program and premium active foam.

Nová inštalácia - Umývacie centrum CarBax Prešov
CarBax Umývacie centrum Prešov

Car wash center CarBax in Prešov with 6 washing bays is now OPEN!

You can wash your car in up to 6 self-service wash bays with innovative car wash technology CarBax Combo, where you can choose from up to 7 washing programs:

  1. Under chassis wash
  2. Rims and insects
  3. Active foam with warm water
  4. Shampoo wash with warm water
  5. High-pressure wash with warm water
  6. Drying and polishing wax
  7. A final rinse with demineralized water

using 4 types of CarBax cleaning detergents:

Our unique washing program “Under chassis wash” is placed in almost all washing bays (bay no. 2 - boy no. 6). The program is very fast and efficient. Just stop the vehicle in the middle of the wash bay, press the under chassis wash button, and the fully automatic program will take care of one of the most important parts of the vehicle, which is often overlooked due to difficult access.

Our unique self-service washing program UNDER CHASSIS WASH is available in 5 washing programs.


Washing bays offer a wide range of payment systems. In addition to paying with coins, cashless payments are also available. All control panels are equipped with the payment system of CarBaxCard loyalty cards, which can be purchased and topped up directly in the banknote changer CarBaxChange. In addition, selected control panels are also equipped with POS payment terminals for contactless payment by payment cards.

In the car wash CarBax Prešov, you can pay by cash, with a loyalty card or payment card. 


All wash bays are equipped with the CarBax TrafficLight, the traffic control system. This means that each wash bay has a traffic light indicating its occupancy. This system enables the better organization of traffic and more efficient utilization of the bays.

The robust steel construction of the washing center is complemented by highly durable walls, which truly brightened up the whole center. Each wash bay wall includes detailed instructions on how to properly wash a car in a CarBax self-service. 

In addition to exterior car washing, the car wash center also provides self-service equipment for interior cleaning. There are three high-performance self-service vacuum cleaners CarBaxVac DUO, which together provide 6 vacuuming positions, a foam cleaner CarBax FoamCleaner, and two stainless steel mat beaters for comfortable dust cleaning of car mats.

The car wash center in Prešov is easy to find thanks to the beautiful yellow attic with Carbax advertising light and the CarBax flags.

The self-service car wash center is open NONSTOP, 24/7.


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