We are pleased to present a new generation of products at the UNITI expo in Stuttgart!

The UNITI Stuttgart event offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase the best of the carwash sector. Presence of CarBax is therefore essential!

Na výstave UNITI expo v Stuttgarte predstavujeme nové produkty!

As a company known for world-class technology, unparalleled user-friendliness, and visually appealing design, we are delighted to have expanded our technology portfolio with some exceptionally interesting additions.

What have we prepared for visitors at this year's UNITI event?

At CarBax, we continuously strive to enhance the versatility of our portfolio, allowing us to better meet the diverse needs of our clients. We are thus thrilled to offer new technical solutions and price categories!

The most exciting new addition to the CarBax portfolio at UNITI is undoubtedly the portable technical room. Housed in a custom-built container and designed in the iconic CarBax style, it stands out as a highlight.


Developed under the new "Plug and Wash" philosophy, the containerized technical room meets the growing demand for effortless mobility, installation, and operability. Simplifying the handling of technology at car wash centers to save our clients time and space is a natural extension of CarBax's customer-focused approach.

To conclude our series of mobile devices, we are also presenting the CarBax Compact MINI technology line at the UNITI fair. Thanks to technological advances and proprietary CarBax solutions, this line eliminates the need for a technical room altogether. 


The technology is integrated into the equipment's construction, allowing us to fit complex technological components into a stainless steel housing the size of a standard Euro pallet. Its compact dimensions make it easy to distribute to our clients.

Among the showcased CarBax technology, you'll also discover:

TOP LINE devices:

  • CarBax Change - a banknote changer which, in addition to changing banknotes into coins, also offers services for selling and charging loyalty cards
  • CarBax Vac MONO -  high-performance self-service vacuum cleaner for 1 vacuum stand
  • CarBax Towel Dispenser - cleaning wipe dispenser
  • CarBax Dispenser 4 - detergent dispenser
  • CarBax Top Line Control Panel – control panel for self-service wash bays

BASIC LINE devices:

  • CarBax Basic Foam Cleaner – An economical design of the self-service foam cleaner
  • CarBax Basic Change - An economically designed banknote changer that converts banknotes into two types of coins.
  • CarBax Basic Change MONO - An economically designed banknote changer that converts banknotes into a single type of coins, optionally complemented with a POS terminal for token purchases if tokens are dispensed instead of coins.
  • CarBax Basic Line Control Panel - An economically designed control panel that accommodates coins, credit cards, or loyalty cards, in addition to banknote payments.

And, of course, don't miss out on our popular CarBax self-service wash center accessories showcased at the event. Explore our iconic CarBax Mat Holder Stand featuring redesigned handles, along with our CoinVac device, ensuring safe extraction of coins from the control panel tray into the vault.

What specific products or services are our main focus at the exhibition?

The latest addition to the CarBax lineup is clearly the technical room, serving as the heart of any wash center. Visitors at the exhibition have the opportunity to witness firsthand the seamless fusion of technological sophistication and aesthetic appeal embodied in CarBax's housing for the CarBax Combo. Additionally, we're eager to highlight the CarBax Compact MINI, representing the pinnacle of integration and minimization, encapsulating all washing technology within a compact stainless steel body the size of a standard Euro pallet, eliminating the need for a separate technical room. This device not only addresses the demand for compact solutions but also offers a more cost-effective option.

What are our expectations from the UNITI exhibition?

We eagerly anticipated the exhibition, as the showcased CarBax devices embody years of development, real-world testing, and invaluable feedback from our clients. It's with great pride that we unveil these unique car wash solutions at UNITI, once again raising the bar in the industry while addressing the needs of our clients and users of self-service car wash technology with enthusiasm and expertise. In our continuous pursuit of innovation, we've recently integrated efficient "Plug and Wash" solutions into the CarBax philosophy—a blend of mobility, ease of operation, and intuitive design aimed at saving both space and costs. The outcome? Compact, user-friendly, and technologically advanced devices that have garnered praise from our clients.

The CarBax team is poised to address all your inquiries at stand 1L30 in pavilion no. 1 from May 14th to May 16th.


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