Záhorská Bystrica


Self-service car wash center Clean Majster in Záhorská Bystrica offers 4 completely equipped wash bays and area for interior cleaning and vacuuming.


City: Záhorská Bystrica
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2024

Self-service car wash Clean Majster in the city of Záhorská Bystrica which is a part of Slovakia capital city Bratislava offers high quality washing powered by CarBax Combo technology with 4 self-service wash bays with up to 6 wash programs:

  1. Underchassis wash (Bay n.1)
  2. Insects and wheels
  3. Active foam
  4. High pressure rinse
  5. Wax
  6. Final spot-free rinse

All wash bays accept coins 0,50€, 1€ and 2€ or loyalty card CarBaxCard, which can be purchased and recharget directly viac banknote changer. All wash bays are also equipped with contacless POS terminal for payment with virtually any card including VISA and MasterCard (and also modern mobile payments with Apple or Google Pay).

Car wash is also equipped with powerfull vacuum cleaner CarBaxVac DUO with spring hose arms.

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