Nová Baňa


The Nová Baňa self-service car wash with CarBax Vario technology with 2 self-service wash bays is located at the Optima-KDK gas station.


City: Nová Baňa
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2018

The Nová Baňa self-service car wash center provides high-quality car washing with the CarBax Vario technology in 2 self-service car wash bays with the possibility to choose from 5 washing programs:

  • wheels and insects
  • active foam 
  • high-pressure wash
  • drying wax
  • spot-free final rinse

The car wash enables 2 different types of payment systems, including a coin payment system accepting €0.50, €1, and 2€ coins, and also the CarBaxCard system, enabling payments by the Optima-KDK loyalty cards

Both self-service bays are equipped with robust stainless-steel mat holders, with 4 mat holders in each bays, allowing comfortable cleaning of rubber car mats. 

Moreover, a powerful self-service vacuum cleaner CarBaxVac MONO is available within the car wash. 

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