CarBax car wash center Prešov provides high-quality car washing with the CarBax Combo self-service technology with 6 washing bays and 7 washing programs.


City: Prešov
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2022

The CarBax car wash centre in Prešov provides high-quality vehicle washing through innovative CarBax Combo technology with 6 self-service wash boxes with a choice of 7 wash programs, including chassis wash program no. 2 to 6:

  • under chassis wash (wash bays no. 2, 3,4, 5, 6)
  • wheels and insects
  • active foam with warm water
  • shampoo wash with warm water
  • high-pressure wash with warm water
  • drying wax
  • spot-free final rinse

The washing bays offer a wide range of payment systems. All control panels of the bays are equipped with an electronic coin acceptor, accepting  €0.50, €1, and €2 coins, and also with the loyalty card system CarBaxCard, allowing payments by the loyalty card. Wash bays n. 2 and 3 are also equipped with a contactless POS terminal for payments by card, smartphone, or smartwatch.  

For more comfort, a banknote changer is also available for customers, which, in addition to changing coins, also provides the services of purchasing and topping up a CarBax loyalty card.

The car wash center also offers interior cleaning services with three high-performance self-service vacuum cleaners CarBaxVac DUO, which together provide 6 vacuuming positions and a foam cleaner CarBax FoamCleaner for cleaning car seats and textile surfaces. 

All the self-service bays are also equipped with a stainless steel-steel frame with 4 mat holders for comfortable cleaning of rubber car mats. Dusty textile car mats might be cleaned as well with the CarBax Mat Beaters


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