CarBax car wash center Tešedíkovo with 4 washing bays and 7 washing programs is not located on Žihárecká I. Street in Tešedíkovo next to the butcher shop.


City: Tešedíkovo
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2022

The self-service car wash CarBax in Tešedíkovo provides a high-quality car wash with the innovative contactless technology CarBax Combo with 4 self-service wash bays with the possibility to choose from up to 7 washing programs:

  • under chassis wash (wash bays no. 2 and 3)
  • wheels and insects
  • active foam with warm water
  • high-pressure wash with warm water
  • superwax
  • polishing and drying wax
  • spot-free final rinse

In all washing bays, it is possible to pay with €0.50, €1, and €2 coins or with a CarBaxCard loyalty card. In wash bays no. 2 and 3 customers can also pay with a payment card via a POS terminal.

To increase the comfort for customers, CarBax Tešedíkovo is also equipped with a banknote changer which in addition to exchanging banknotes into coins, also provides additional services of selling and topping up CarBaxCard loyalty cards.

The area of ​​the washing center is also equipped with 2 high-performance self-service vacuum cleaners CarBaxVac DUO with spring hose arms, a combined machine CarBaxVac / CarBax Foam Cleaner, as well as additional equipment in the form of two mat beaters.

Both the self-service vacuum cleaners and the combined machine are equipped with an electronic coin acceptor for payment with coins as well as a loyalty card system for payment with CarBaxCard.

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