Wash programs

The technology for self-service washing bays CarBax Combo and CarBax Vario can be equipped with a wide range of washing programs that your customers will appreciate. Our offer includes a choice of up to 8 washing programs from basic washing programs to start with, to special programs which can be added including Under chassis wash and Superwax.

The washing programs on the control panel are arranged chronologically, in the order to achieve the best washing effect and user-friendly experience.


Wheels and insects

This program is specifically designed for the application of a product to wheel rims and other parts of the bodywork dirty from insects. Its special composition makes sure it removes brake dust and other resistant dirt from wheel rims as well as baked dirt from flies and other insects on the front grille, windshield any other surfaces of the vehicle. This program operates under low pressure to ensure a high concentration of product.


Shampoo Wash

The additional washing program is suitable for a quick wash of a lightly soiled car or removing coarse dirt from the bodywork. This washing program can be used by itself or in combination with an active foam washing program. It is also possible to use hot water for the washing program.


Active Foam

The main washing program at which the thick active foam is applied to the vehicle bodywork with a dedicated wash gun. When applied to dirty bodywork, the foam perfectly adheres to all the coarse dirt and lifts it from the cleaned surface. The advantage of this washing technique is that chemicals are given a longer period to work on the surface and thus enable it the deepest possible clean while being very gentle to the vehicle's paintwork. If necessary, it is also possible to use a fine brush made of natural hair for heavily soiled areas. It is also possible to use hot water for the active foam washing program.


High-pressure Wash

A basic washing program for thorough washing of a vehicle’s bodywork. High water pressure and an ergonomic washing gun are combined to provide maximum comfort while washing. High pressure is generated by a high-performance pressure car wash pump. It is also possible to use hot water for the washing program.

Drying Wax

A standard waxing program to support the drying of the vehicle. The program is aimed at faster and better drying of the vehicle with basic waxing of the bodywork. This wax program is a two-in-one solution because it provides a perfect gloss and significantly speeds up the drying process of the vehicle.